InfusionSoft Review – Great Marketing Tool for Small Companies

David Raab took a closer look at InfusionSoft and wrote about it today on his Customer Experience blog. I remember InfusionSoft mainly because of the convincing demo they have on their website: it makes an impressive claim that small businesses can double their sales with InfusionSoft.

infusionsoft logoThe key to their approach is an advanced lead nurturing engine, to avoid “follow-up failure”. They claim that the first sale usually takes place after 7 follow-ups, but that most sellers stop following-up after 3 tries. A convincing story, and thousands of customers are using InfusionSoft, so it must be working.

David looks at the feature set of InfusionSoft and concludes that it misses some key features that will be appreciated by larger companies, such as lead scoring and integration. However, it does all other marketing automation tasks very well. David call it “Impressive Marketing Power for a Very Low Price”

Read David Raab’s blog post about InfusionSoft »

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