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Marketo 3.0 Screen shots

Today Marketo is launching their 3.0 release. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to take a closer look at it. However, both David Raab and John Gaffney have already published about it, so I’ll limit myself to posting several screenshots. This will give a good idea of some of the new features.

the marketo home screen

The Marketo home screen, showing the 4 main elements or Marketo: activities, design of emails and landing pages, data (lead) management, and reporting.

Marketo drip email campaigns

Drip email-campaigns, also shows the extensive Salesforce integration (bottom-right)

marketo wysiwyg landing page builder

WYSIWYG Landing Page Builder; new feature: progressive profiling, which enables showing additional form fields for repeat visitors

Marketo Reporting

Reporting, including getting reports by email

Marketo Data and Contact Management

Data and contact management, including enhanced support for merging duplicate leads

Marketo website monitoring

Website monitoring (incl. anonymous visitors and real-time alerts) and lead scoring; when visitors fill out a form and make themselves known, you still see their earlier website behavior (then still anonymous)

UPDATE: this is the new Marketo 3.0 demo (3 minute Flash movie)

Overall, it doesn’t look like there are any revolutionary changes, just a lot of improvements that will make the day-to-day use of the system easier, with even better usability and more time-saving features.

To all Marketo users: what is the new feature that you like best? Please leave a comment…