Top-10 Demand Generation Vendor Blogs

UPDATE 7/14/09: I’ve now put all marketing automation blogs on a single page.

In my previous post I listed the Top-10 Demand Generation blog by marketers and consultants. Today I’ve put together a list of vendor blogs. Most of these vendors blogs really get ‘online marketing’, so they talk about best practices rather then just touting their products, and they post regularly.

In alphabetical order:

Sorry, can’t help it: every time I try to make a top-10, I end up with 11 and find it impossible to choose which one should go. So 11 it is :- )

Again, let me know your suggestions for other blogs. I’m pretty sure I still have to discover lots of cool blogs.

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6 thoughts on “Top-10 Demand Generation Vendor Blogs

  1. Adam Blitzer

    Great list and thanks for including us.

    A good portion of those blogs (corporate or personal) show up in the top 10 search results for B2B marketing in Google. Definitely good reads for people in our line of work.

  2. Brenda Gelston

    Excellent list. I was following the obvious ones of the vendor companies but some are news to me. I really like this new age of collabeoration and information sharing. It makes us all work better.

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