Using Twitter to Cover the Sales 2.0 Conference

Today’s Sales 2.0 Conference was covered extensively via Twitter. Just take a look at the search results for the #sales20 tag (link probably stops working after a couple of weeks). These tweets summarized the good bits of the conference effectively, and it also allowed people who couldn’t make it in-person to follow the conference. And finally, there was also some discussion going on between attendees.

The driving force behind the Twitter coverage was Mike Damphousse from Green Leads (a sponsor of the conference). Mike took a couple of minutes for an interview at the end of a long day. He talks about the things that went well, the things he’d do different next time, and how to use Twitter to for your Sales 2.0 strategy.

Mike Damphousse on Using Twitter to Cover the Sales 2.0 Conference from Jep Castelein on Vimeo.

I’m having some trouble to get the video in the right aspect ratio. I recorded it with a Canon FS100 in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Then I rendered to MP4 in 720×480 and uploaded to Vimeo (and also to, and both seem stretched. Any suggestions?

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